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Athang - Story of Curse and Relations

Planet Marathi is a First Marathi OTT platform , and they are predominantly focusing on exclusive Marathi content for audience. Akshay Bardapurkar, Gaytri Chitre and Soumya Vilekar are the main pillars behind this efforts and a think tank for entertainment.

So , talking about the series , ATHANG , it is periodic drama with suspense and twists . It is said to be a story of years between 1930 to 1960, with lot of interesting characters. Starting from episode no.1 WADA, we see a back story of the place where the Sardeshmukhs lived.

The story and screenplay by Manoj Kolhatkar ,Siddharth Salvi and Jayant Pawar respectively is extraodinary, and directed by Jayant Pawar.

The film is about Raosaheb and his ancestors and the curse which the Sardeshmukhs are affected by. Though it is a periodic drama , it can be related with the facts and story the series as brought us .

Coming to performance by actors , we see a surprise package of singer and now actor Sandip Khare , performing role of "Tahmankar Master" ( Teacher) and Bhagyshree Milind in role of "Sushila". Both of them have performed their best role of career. Cunning role of Sandip Khare will literally make you amaze , and also entertain you in best way.

Making sure the music rules throughout the series , Guru Thakur , Kunal Karan and Rohit Raut has best version of their lyrics and music for the series. It sooths you , it makes us at peace and also carry the story along.

Another, and yet the major role played by Raosaheb aka Dhairya Gholap. He is such an tremendous actor , and his performance made the series more bold for watching. A angry young man , to a kind soft hearted person , is the graph of his role , why ? how ? for that you have to watch the series. Such a brillant actor , has uplifted the series to a next level and made it possible for entertaing audience.

A series of total 6 episodes , through which the story of Wada , a cute love story , a curse and its effects are shown serially.

Another technical aspect of the series , which is important to mention is the Art Directon team lead by Santosh Sakhand. What a direction ! The elements used , the set designs , the asthetic area of the film , is totally fantastic and should be praised.

We see a legend actress Nivedita Saraf , in the series . Her role is a masterpiece of acting. Such an ease actor to see on screen.

The D.I is good. Background Music is nice. From Mysterious truths and facts about Sardeshmukh Wada to Truth behind the witch in lake , this series engages you in a story and fall in love with it.

We have Omprakash Shinde , Urmila Kanetkar Kothare and Ketki Narayan , Rutuja Bagwe and many more in the cast.

Overall , Planet Marathi has brought a unique content to watch for on Planet Marathi OTT.

Here is the link to watch :

It is rated 9.1/10 on IMDb.

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