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Aspire to Inspire: Unveiling the Zealous Journey of Neha Deshpande

"You live many lives in a single lifetime." This conviction defines the essence of Neha Deshpande's remarkable journey, as she strives not only to achieve her dreams but also to inspire others to turn their aspirations into reality.


"We all need Wings to Fly" – This is the mantra that Neha Deshpande, also known as Neha Sama, lives by. Whether scaling new heights in IT consulting or taking a deep dive as a Show Director in beauty pageants, Neha has excelled in diverse fields. From being the Editor of WO-BRIGHT magazine to co-authoring multiple anthologies, she has left an indelible mark on those around her. Her literary prowess is showcased on her FB platform, Mint-o-Words, and her impactful social contributions during COVID-19 earned her the prestigious State Level Award – Mardani Maharashtrachi 2022.

Neha encapsulates her journey with a powerful message:

"Your Allure is much more, so don’t you cry...

Get up and take charge; it is surely worth a Try!”

Background and Story:

George Elliot once said, "It is never too late to be what you might have been." Neha's life story resonates with this philosophy. Despite a seemingly settled life – excelling in academics, graduating in engineering, securing a job in an MNC, and becoming a devoted mother – Neha felt a void. A relentless pursuit of self-worth and a desire for a more fulfilling life led her to realize that she alone could fulfill her dreams.

As Neha embarked on her journey to transform dreams into reality, her small victories became beacons of inspiration for those around her. Little did she know that her odyssey would evolve into a movement for some and a revolution for others. Neha firmly believes that anyone can be a "Life Coach" without a formal title. Her journey has transformed her from an IT professional of nearly 20 years to a poet, author, show director, editor, groomer, and social influencer. She advocates for celebrating personal victories before expecting the world to recognize your allure.

Neha urges others to move away from a life of "COPY AND PASTE" and embrace the opportunity to live many lives in a single lifetime.


Neha's journey is studded with achievements, reflecting her multifaceted success:

- TEDx Speaker

- International Toastmaster

- Editor, WO-BRIGHT Magazine

- Corporate Brand Ambassador 2023

- Mardani Maharashtrachi 2022 (State Level Award)

- Aparajita Goodwill Ambassador Pune (Education Beyond Syllabus)

- Woman of Influence 2022

- Global Sparkling Personality 2020

- Diva Mrs. West India 2018 – Beauty with a Purpose

- Co-Author in Aashayein and Let’s Trance Anthology

- Numerous accolades for her roles as a Show Director and Social Influencer


Neha Deshpande's journey is unstoppable. Through her diverse passions and roles, including model, poet, show director, groomer, editor, and IT consultant, she is confident in her ability to impact lives. Drawing inspiration from within, she emphasizes the uniqueness and irreplaceability of every individual. Neha's goal is to enlighten others with the same motivation she has embraced.

In her poetic words:


You are your inspiration,

You are your true motivation.

You’ve got the charm,

You no longer need an alarm.

You’ve got the focus,

To anchor ambitions to their locus.

You’ve got the courage,

To outbeat fear at any age.

You’ve got the confidence,

To drive away any incompetence.

You’ve got the spark,

To make certain to make a mark.

You’ve got the magic,

To turn into bliss situations tragic.

You’ve got your own story,

Someday history will add it, to its glory!

For those seeking to break free from the monotony of a copy-and-paste life and embrace the opportunity to live many lives in a single lifetime, connect with Neha on:




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