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Arunima Jha - Beyond all the odds

1. What Is the real purpose of your content creation?

Answer – Honestly, I don’t think I have had time to think about the real purpose of my content creation. I discovered my zing during the lockdown period. I have been obsessed with social media for as long as I can remember but I don’t think I had the courage or understanding to start it sooner. I mean being a lawyer, I wasn’t sure to be a digital creator too. The simplest thing seemed to be, to be perceived as a non-controversial one. However, once I started getting the response on my Instagram handle, it was like reaching the shore of surety and I started adding little addendums for the next part. I saw myriad versions of myself, and my social media pages acted as the perfect medium to help me change my narrative.

2. How personal life issues may affect your content creation process? As a content creator, how do you have to deal with it?

Answer – I truly believe that everyone shares the same basic human experiences and overcoming your personal inhibitions & reservations helps you effectively overcome your career & life hurdles. For me personally, my mantra is to be at a place of compassion that drives me to be a better human being. Making mistakes is not bad but I think the sooner that we can realize that we've made a mistake, even though we may project on our social media handles that we're one way, the photos that we're not capturing may indicate something different. You know what? We should always try to be at a place of compassion, hopefully, leading to a place of empathy.

3. How do you finalize the name for your Instagram id?

Answer – My id trulynomadlychic was my attempt to gain a new perspective in my life. I have perfectionist tendencies and I wanted to find a balance between inspiration around me and elevating my practice. I am a travel curious soul, a happy-go-lucky spirit with almost, perpetually plotting where to be next. I have a keen fondness for fashion & lifestyle blogging. To foster my instinct better, I came up with my username which reflects my imaginative mixes and vivid combinations.

4. We came to know about your love for animals, please share a bit about the same.

Answer – I am a campaigner for animals. I presently own one dog and she’s my baby as I fondly call her. She’s my inspiration to volunteer for this cause. Her name is Chelsea. When it comes to animals, I follow a Buddhist path and I feel it’s that which led me here. We must show love and compassion to all beings, not only humans and/or animals, we must show it to all earthlings.

One of the great things about being a campaigner for animals is that anyone can be one.

I will carry on trying to help any other animals; I recently helped a female dog who was hit by a drunken motorcyclist. I was desperate to save her but sadly, she didn’t survive the accident due to her old age.

I believe everyone can make a difference in the lives of animals. Every contribution made toward ending animal suffering is a step toward a more merciful world. Isn’t it?

5. Share about your best collaboration Experience with any brand.

Answer – My portfolio is a hybrid one, as in, both a lawyer and a blogger. These days most digital marketing strategies are wrapped around paid & barter collaborations. Instagram has become a public square where, as a blogger, you can promote brands for perks & experiences. By far my collaborations have been barter ones but if you ask me to pick one then I would select the most recent one. This was for The Cube Club, their product overall is of the highest quality and it resonates with my ideology which is to face it till you make it.

6. Is there any incident where you started to transform yourself in a different direction?

Answer – Sometimes you'll need to jump and trust that the universe will catch you on the way down. That’s been my mantra for my whole life. For me it has never been about the destination, it has been about the journey. My failures have taught me that success is always on the other side of your comfort, rejections have taught me that I could be a whole ray of sunshine but some people will hate on me because they’re used to rain, I have to shine regardless.

Besides, everything that didn’t work out for me really worked out for me.

7. Don't you think, you may write a wonderful book as an author?

Answer – Honestly, the feeling of starting my first book is exhilarating, emotional, and challenging. I have started writing my book, it’s a work in progress. I do look forward to readers investing in my work. Keeping fingers crossed.

8. What are the hidden social media ethics of any content creator

Answer – Balancing your privacy, safety & trust. It's important for content creators to distinguish themselves from agenda-based media reporting. In today’s world, it almost feels like taking care of yourself goes against the “community guidelines”. Regardless I try to avoid mindless scrolling as far as I can. I am not gonna lie, taking a few days off your social media platforms can have a positive impact on your wellbeing.

9. How to connect with you? Any message for our readers who wants to dive into this content creation pool.

Answer – You can reach out to me on both Instagram & LinkedIn.

If you want to read my Linkedin Feed, follow me on LinkedIn

If you want to follow me on Instagram, here's the link

Don’t take the bait. Be careful of the scams, making necessary changes to your social media habits can have positive impacts on your wellbeing, as I’ve seen firsthand.

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