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An interview with Mr. Achievement Abhyangh Kuvalekar

Read about talented personality who had been featured in "India's Most Handsome Men" five times and also Nominated by "TC Candler" for "100 Most Handsome Men of the World".

Read More about charming, soft-spoken and laughs a ton. an award-winning actor,

model, dancer, and grooming expert Abhyangh Kuvalekar. Here are some talks we had in our interview .

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1) What's your source of inspiration ?

My inspiration has always been internal, to create something good, that people around the world can relate to. I get inspired by common simple stories, simple characters and people. Talking purely from the film world, my forever inspiration have been Madhuri Dixit, Lata Mangeshkar, Yash Chopra, James Cameron, Oprah Winfrey etc.

2) How do you handle confidentiality in your work?

From the beginning of my career I have managed to keep my professional and personal life absolutely separate. I think it just makes life easier. So my friends are mostly non industry people, where I'm allowed to be myself. At work I'm a different person. I'm very focused, dedicated and only if you're groomed and particular at work. Hence maintaining confidentiality is something that comes easy to me.

3) What is your typical way of dealing with conflict? Give me an example?

With the grace of God there have been rare such occasions. But I'm usually very patient when there's any conflict. I try to understand the other person's perspective and if it's valid I wouldn't mind changing my thought about it.

Creatively working conflicts are bound to happen since artists have their own imagination. I remember during "Sanai Choughade" the director and me had conflicts with the role I was playing and the way I imagined it, but the moment I understood his point of view, I was quick enough to alter my thought and mold the way he wanted me to.

4) Share about your first day on set as an actor

My first day as an actor was with 2 prolific actors, Ajay Devgan and Sushant Singh, during the making of "The Legend of Bhagat Singh". I was an absolute newcomer and also a teenager, and both these actors were extremely sweet in making me comfortable, especially with the Punjabi dialect Hindi. Our director Rajkumar Santoshi was extremely happy because my 1st take of my career was a one take okay, which also was the mahurat shot of the film. And the mahurat shot being okayed at the first take is considered extremely auspicious.

5) Share your journey with Hashtag with Abhyangh

Forever I've loved talking to people and knowing their life and stories. As an actor I've been meeting and been friends with almost everyone since years now. I wanted to bring

out our natural fun banter through the medium of a talk show, that's how 'Hashtag with Abhyangh' happened. A lot of actors, directors and others have a different screen image and they're in real extremely fun loving. Hence the show is candid, fun and absolutely entertaining, which is what I think has made both the seasons such a big hit.

6) How save ourselves from false practices in this industry

I think one's focus has to be clear. What is it that you want has to be clear. If your goals are set then nothing can come in between you. Besides I feel integrity and common sense play a vital role. At the end you should be happy with what you've done and sleep peacefully.

7) Please share about your own venture .

'Hashtag with Abhyangh' & 'Sangaycha Rahun Gela' are my own productions. I like to

produce content that is fresh and people like seeing. Hence both the shows are talk shows but with very different concepts. I have also produced TV commercials and music videos under my banner.

8) Key message to everyone who wants to join this field

This field requires a lot of focus and determination. It's not easy as it looks. Hence one has to be focused and should be ready to work hard. And there's no replacement for talent here. So if you're talented then sky is the limit. But for any newcomer, especially actor or model needs to be groomed and trained before they start. Grooming is the most important thing in today's times, and industry takes you seriously only if you're groomed and trained.

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