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A Thursday - Yami Gautam giving a best performance

Looking at the story we see a kids school teacher Naina Jaiswal , played by Yami, have hostaged 16 kids of school and calls the cops informing about the kidnapping.

As the police get information , the struggle to find and get to the place begins .

Yami's performance is very worth and superb . She has given her best part to this role , leads to excellence . The BGM has maintain to make feel suspense and a dramatic version of movie. The close shots of Yami , are worth watching. The dialogues are executed at level best. The direction should be given full marks and also the writing. The man behind this direction and writing is himself Behzad Khambata . The film also has a message to tells us and also to think upon it very seriously .

Coming towards other important role of Inspec.Javed Khan played by Atul Kulkarni and other cop played by Neha Dhupia , ex husband wife , try to solve the mystery behind every action and demand of Yami role . The great thing about Yami 's role is she managed to shift her role from a best mind in the planning to kidnap to talking with children as a teacher , without not knowing them the real fact that they are kidnapped.

The planning , actions are quick at their respective roles which makes the viewer interest in watching the film. The writer has successfully made possible to make climax more interesting and key points of Naina ' life till end to reveal. We connect to the story till the end , and we feel to just let it happen what is going on the screen.

The film is produced by Ronnie Screwala , under banners of RSVP movies and Blue Monkey Films.

The climax, which comes to the end but in this case , it hinted it in the first half , as Naina demands to talk with President of India and also keeps her statment that she would only talk if President of India , would speak with her. The climax of movie could have been more better .

The anti depresent pills which Naina takes makes a twist in the story , but doesn't effect much.

All in one , the story line is good , Film is one time watch . With IDMB rating of 8.3/10 , it is streaming on Disney + Hostar. Do watch.

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