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A "Jobless" Viraj finds a "Job"

First of all, I would really congratulate the whole team of Planet Marathi for the awesome global platform of the first Marathi OTT.

So they are having various content for binge-watch. Rather, some unique and fresh web series to watch. One of these is "Jobless".

The series follows Viraj Pathak who is portrayed by the Marathi actor, Survat Joshi. Viraj who is leading a happy and honest life with his wife and daughter suddenly becomes unemployed after his boss fires him for getting involved in a scam.

The series is written by Amit Baiche, Projyot Lady, and Sumedh. The original series is directed by Niranjan Dinkar Patki and Pankaj Nabd.

He gets arrested and is unable to find a proper job due to his arrest record is unable to find a job.

While he is managing his needs, he ends up killing a man, for more money. His wife couldn't bear the pressure and leaves him, taking away his daughter too with herself. He gets more and more involved in the killings and also is awarded money every time. He clears the due, but couldn't find a proper mental peace.

The genre of the series, which is Thriller-Suspense, makes an engaging bond between the audience and the characters.

Talking about Suvrat Joshi's character, "Viraj Pathak", we see different shades. At an initial stage, he is normal working guy , happy with family time, and also his work, as the series continues and all the shuffle in his life begins with being dismissed from the job, getting slowly involved in a big financial scam, his level of uneasiness towards his every action which is a part of the role, is worth seeing. Thus, compiling all the factors, aspects of his life after involving in the scam, he has put the best of his past roles in the television industry.

The twist and turns, the connecting dots from the last episode to the new episode make a unique way of presentation of format of web series.

Talking of Swapnali Patil and Mayuri Wagh, both playing role of wife and a Lawyer respectively, are of supportive nature.

A classic entry of Pushkar Shotri is exciting to watch, making the series balance by some styling investigation.

Lets talk about the writing now , normally a thriller series has a hero and villan. But in this series , we are keen to find the villan of series. From the last episode of the series , we get to know the very exciting news that , Jobless webseries will be continued in season -2 .

Amit Baiche , has really put up a story , where we do not find any complex , but also need attention to understand what exactly the situation is.

The screenplay offers , a journey of discovering who? what ? why ? when? and where? , the observation and attentiveness towards series , will definately solve these 'W's.

Producer Gautam Munot, stressed on the excellency of the series.

Moving towards direction , we see the spectacluar direction from Niranrajan Patki . The shuffling of scenes , is shown in such a manner , it gets inter connected with other scene.

And of course , the most unique thing in the webseries , is the episodes names. A team of P-D-W ( Producers , Directors and Writers) have brainstormed very well for the names.

Direction Perfect , Acting Mindblowing , and then series becomes Outstanding .

A thriller- suspense story , is really worth-watching By Planet Marathi and Team.

Do subscribe to Planet Marathi OTT Platform to watch it .

P.S - Hint is Season -2 is on the way .

Here is trailer Link -

Here is series link , do susbcribe and watch -

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