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A Happy Family Entertainer Movie

Being just a entertainer movie it also emdes some family ideology , Dhruv

( Rajkumar Rao) , who is a orphan is a owner of app development company , working on latest app of VR Box falls in love with family-obsessed girl Anya ( Kriti Sanon ) , a Blogger . So when Dhruv proposes Anya , she keeps condition of meeting Dhurv's Family and also tells him to adopt a Dog.

The film depicts family values , which are worth following too.

Meanwhile , our Dhruv , starts searching for "correct" parents , whom he can display as Mom and Dad infront of Anya's Family. And he comes across Purshottam Mishra ( Paresh Rawal ) and Mom Dipti Kashyap ( Ratna Pathak Shah ) , who played their role excellent as parents. Paresh Rawal and Ratna Pathak , with their comedy timing uplifted scenes which made the craft , more interesting to watch.

The simple yet comedy twist in story reveled is Purshottam and Dipti are past lovers , and both too are on same page , still attracted to each other , mostly Paresh.

Anya stays strong with her parents as well as with her character. Kriti played roles in Bareli Ki Barfi , Luka Chuppi , were praiseful ,and so is in this movie too. Rather making a big show over these films , her attachement to this role was the same as others.

Director Abhishek Jain tells us engaging story through the screenplay which is average, but not satisfying as many scenes were forced and madeup shows. Clearly , it laid down the essence of freshness from the movie . It got carried away throughout the whole flick.

Other side story of Rupa Mehra and Dr. Sanjeev ( shown as Kriti's Parents) , struggle to keep connection with audience with their roles , but not satisfying as much.

The climax reminds us of old films standard , which were not that appealing , but marks goes for reaching that level to entertain audience.

Despite being a good actor, Aparshakti Khurana seems to being stereotyped as the hero’s best friend.

Overall , a decent film to watch, With a IDMB rating 6.2/10 it is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. Do watch.

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