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Mrs. Preeti Patil to be awarded by Lagori on Womens Day

Updated: Mar 1

Hello friends,

My name is Pritee Patil.

I am home baker and in cake business from last 3 yrs. I am a mother of two kids. When my 2nd child turned 2nd, I was thinking to start something new. I didn't want to join 9-5 job. But at the same time, I didn't want to seat alone.

As i had interest in baking, I started baking cakes for kids and for family on several occasions. In a covid period 2020, just before our anniversary, I told my husband that, this time I want turn table as gift😄. He agreed(kami paise t kam hote ahe mhanun to hi khush zala 🤭). Then I made a cake for our anniversary. He said, yes, now u can start your business as a home baker, and then my journey started from there. Those days baking material shop had daily long queue with social distancing 🙄🙄.

Here I want to mention one thing, my husband is a software engineer, but he delivered the cakes to customers (agdi 400/- cha ka asena). He never demotivated me. At starting, he helped me a lot.

I am self learner. At starting, i faced many problems to learn about fondant work, designing, delivery and so on. But now i am very confident in making any designs or any kind of fondant work. Within 4-5 months, i started getting many repetitive orders and I started earning from 3 digit to 5 digit per month in very short time. When I deliver 1 cake in a party, I get 4-5 customer after each order. And my customer never go anywhere after trying my cake. I remember, one of customer, she said (are last year chi test ajun aahe tondat). In a very short period, i built my confidence and achieve a success🏆💪.. I never got any single negative or demotivation from my circle, friend or family. Every one supported me and said you can do better and better. I got so many positive reviews. When we give our dedication & 100% to any business, no one will stop you. Je kam tumhala avdel tech kara tech successful hoil. Teva tumhi kiti hi problem aale na tari thambnar nahi, karan tya shivay tumhi jaguch nahi shakat ase vatel. Mala 1-2 divas order nasli ki chuklya sarkhe vatate. Because te maze passion zalay. Me mhanel every woman should be independent. Tila kiti hi background financially changle asel tari vel kadi kashi yete te sangta yet nahi ase mazi aai nehmi sangaychi, jeva tila 6 mulinchi jababdari achanak maze vadil gelya var aali. Aai ne sheti karun aamache education n lagna sagle kele, aani ti hech mhanaychi education kadi vaya jat nahi, kadi na kadi kute tari kami yetech. So pratek woman independent hone khup garjech aahe, mi hech sangen.

Thank you 😊

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