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A Classified Special Ops 1.5

Well , we were waiting for Special Ops season 2nd and it came out as 1.5. But it made a strong impact to whole series. This season is story of Himmat Singh. How , What , Why and When ? These all questions about Himmat Singh are answered well in the series. A man with accurate intelligence , classy style of handling the terrorist, is the character which stand infront of us.

To start with , Neeraj Pandey has really put effort in projecting Himmat Singh. While , Vinay Pathak as Abbas Shiekh is the one who interestingly narrates Himmat’s story.

Kay Kay Menon , who remained loyal to his role , from Season One, also showed same , but upper performance in this one.

Aftab Shivdasani's character as Vijay is well-developed. And Gautami Kapoor, who plays Himmat’s wife Saroj, has a significant part in this show. The makers have shot across Mumbai, Delhi, and multiple locations like Malaysia, Ukraine, and Mauritius. Overall cinematography and BGM should be given credit for their best work . The dialogues are part of any project , and so is here. The RAW language , the slight mischeif dialogues add humor and entertainment to the episode.

Maninder is played convincingly by Aadil Khan. Aishwarya Sushmita, a model-turned-actor, is elegant in her debut appearance as Karishma. The fight sequence shown are action-packed and bring more curiousity to the episode.

Bannerji Sahab and Chaddha Sahab (Kali Prasad Mukherjee and Parmeet Sethi), are the actors worked in many films and in this too , they gave their best performance as in S1.

Overall , a good series to watch , spies world and their counterstrikes. With this , Neeraj also gave hint of S2 .

With IDMB rating of 8.7/10 , it is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. Do watch.

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