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A Classic Bell Bottom

Well, Akshay Kumar’s films, really don’t disappoint you at any level. This is also the same one.

Bell Bottom is a classic film, which shows the evacuation of 210 passengers from Air India flight, where the plane has been hijacked by terrorist. This is the story of Indira Gandhi Prime Minister tenure, where Indian air flights were hijacked frequently. After all the planning and thinking, RAW suggest to involve their one of the brilliant officer, Avinash code named as “Bell Bottom”. Well it is really great to see the film shooted in Pandemic in different areas across India and Scotland with great effort.

The entry of Akshay Kumar, is unique and stylish. One can’t ignore the entry and looks at age of 53.

The plane is landed in Amritsar, and where four hijackers have demanded release of some terrorist and plane to take off. All the mess, panic the situation, where Bell Bottom, tries to finds ways to enter the plane secretly. But unfortunately, it fails.

Like other films of Akshay Kumar, which were based on real-life incident, this film too projects the incidents which took place in late 70s and early 80s. Bell Bottom, who is shown as a national-level chess player and also speaks various languages. Vaani Kapoor making entry as Akshay’s wife, is looking beautiful but with less time on screen.

The film also stars Adil Hussain, Huma Qureshi and Lara Dutta in pivotal roles. Lara Dutta’s makeup as Indira Gandhi is very interesting to see, and is very proper.

Akshay’s performance is very best. He uses his power to portray his character. Written by Aseem Arrora and Parveez Shaikh, the film of 2 hours, engage the audience with action and entertainment.

There are some flaws, like twist of Hima Qureshi being a terrorist helper and the hijackers planning and also planning’s from RAW as shown in the movie.

The genre of the film switches between romantic , thriller-suspense and also comedy ,for which writer has to be praised , as it was not only as s serious disaster-type story , well to keep balanced between the scenes , the film is also neutralized to kind – of com-thriller genre.

The songs are awesome, and with great visuals. The VFX team, has also takes effort to show some scenes with effective manner.

Overall a nice performance by everyone, if you have urge to see Akshay Kumar again, then this can be the film to watch for.

With IDMB rating of 6.3/10, it is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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