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A Blockbuster , full entertainment "Sooryavanshi"

Well , the whole world was waiting for this movie , it did'nt fail to entertain the audiance . The trio , hitted on screen and rest is history. Directed by Rohit Shetty , and Produced by Dharama Productions , it is increasing its wavelength up the skies.

The story is staright and simple to understand. As mumbai has gone through various attacks , the coming attack is more devastating. A group of sleeper cells had been in disguise in our country and waiting for an opportunity to give an another blow and to stop this ATS officer Veer Sooryavanshi and his team is on a mission for an total elimination. While story is not that new and is relateable while watching it. A series of events shows that Lashkar chief Omar Hafeez has been planning more attacks, and has thus formed a sleeper cell network which includes 40 terrorists who plan to pose as Indian citizens with a motive of planning more bombings after the 26/11 Attacks, one of whom is Omar's son Riyaz. The film switches to the present day where, after much effort, Sooryavanshi, along with his team, nabs Riyaaz, who has had been living with a different identity in Jaisalmer.

When it comes to Rohit Shetty , he always deilvers action choreography, story and direction at his best. Actions performed by Akshay Kumar , Ajay Devgan and Ranveer Singh are perfectly executed. The good thing about the whole movie is its comedy part, it feels like some fresh breeze in the comedy scenes, whether it's akshay or ranveer, both shines and make us laugh.

Rohit Shetty should stick to the comedy, he is really master in that craft. Just take example of Golmaal returns, even though critics bashed it, it has so many funny scenes, just see the repeat value of it. After long time Gulshan Grover made a good entry and it was good, thoughi it was for a small time only. There are two best scenes in the movie, the one in which religious sentiments are very pleasantly shown without disrespecting any one faith at the end.

Katrina Kaif literally held up the movie by her performance of "Tip Tip Barsa Paani". She is amazing at her dance skill . But more than that , she just acted as any other movie to be acted. It would have been better if she , also had some actions around her. But quite satisfy in her role.

The main antagonist Jackie Shroff , stood up with his role , and gave it a full shot.Among the villan part in other franchaise of Rohit, villan here is strong enough to put the police in trap.

It was a nice visuals , after a two year gap , Sooryvanshi stood in people's heart , and showed love in theatres . Also , it completed 100CR mark , which is first bollywood movie after lockdown to cross this mark .

With IDMB rating of 6.2/10 , it is released in theatres , do watch in theatres only .

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