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A "Begum" rules the Terrorist World till Dubai

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Why we can't accept that , Films or webseries can be Women-centric , in all the genre ? Well , talking about "EK Thi Begum " , a complete women-centric webseries , who is ruling over terrorist world. A mind-blowing , fantastic performance by Anuja Sathe. Both seasons , shows the struggle of Ashraf Bhatkar aka Anuja , to reach Maksood , a Dubai-based international terrorist , who planned to kill her husband , Zaaher Bhatkar aka Ankit Mohan .

Well ,starting from Season 1 , getting known about Zaaher's business after his death , his relations with political leaders , gangs , drugs and other people related to gang , she decided to kill everyone including Maksood who were involved in murder of her husband .By disguising herself , as a bar dancer Sapna she gets rid of Sawtya aka Satosh Juvekar and parllely Inspec.Tawde aka Abhijit Chavan , who were prime suspects involved in murder of Zaaher Bhatkar, she killed Sawtya very cleverly, and plans to get rid of Tawde too . Nana Mhatre , Bhau Chavan , fights seem to be very ruthless , making the series more thrilling to watch. The first season , shows the process of revenge mind of Ashraf , and controlling over Zaaher's business of drugs too.

Director and Writer Sachin Darekar , have fantanstically wrote , and the dialogues are at their best. Each and every role has a lot of work to do . Every role including supporting characters which have given their best to make the series go to par excellence. The actions scenes are well-shooted. Ashraf's pain , while making every deal and murder planning displays love towards her husband and her intentions strongly affected the people , who didint know that she actually is Zaheer Bhatkar's wife . She also succeed to put a fight between two gangs , so that gangs can end each other , and she can be safe from everyone , but somehow it did'nt happen quite well . There is saying , "If a woman decides to do anything for her family ,she can do anything to protect , and the first season shows it truely.

As the first season ends we see Maksood succeed to flee away and Ashraf who played role of Sapna gets badly injured nearly dead ,but her well-wisher Inspec. Vikram aka Chinmay Mandlekar disn't lose hope in saving her and she too got saved from that attack . Chinmay's charcter , is very strong and pure. He wants to live a simple life with Zarheen , and so they get married. The plotting and planning doesn't stop here. She gets more serious about reaching Maksood and killing him.

As Leela , she enters the Maksood's world, and gets back up by Ashwin Surve , who is now the leading Gunda in the city, who has support of state's Cheif minister Yashwantrao Patil played by Sandeep Mehta . Apart from Surve , Shakeel Ansari enters the game, and think to control all the things to make Maksood happy. The Himachal Pradesh scenes are the sparkling beauty of acting of Anuja Sathe. This season contains many crime drama elements such as the clash of egos, backstabbing, double-crossing, political meddling in police affairs and the nexus between the underworld and politics. Getting out of by one by one, she finally faces Maksood .

Roles palyed by Lokesh Gupte aka ACP Qureshi make things difficult for Inspe.Vikram as he thinks Inspc.Vikram supports his wife. The political pressure , the politics in every incident taking place related to Ashraf making her stuck to not procced, but she does not lose hopes and continues to take revenge in every possible way.

She finally tries to kill Maksood , but instead she gets killed. The screenplay keeps us engaging into the series .

Overall , a crime-suspense thriller MX-player making a strong rule over all series . With IDMB rating of 6.2/10 , it is streaming on MX player . Do watch.

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