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A Action-Packed and Entertainment Performance

When we see Vidhhut Jamval in a film , we are asure there is lot of action and drama in the film.

His Commado series , hitted box office , and still are famous in public.

Same is the story here. A MMA trainer and his wife leading a happy life , suddenly become a tragedy , and Viddhut is bond to solve it at any cost.

Its a same-old story , but with new masala in it. A hospital is attacked by some goons , and they want to protect a arms-supplier name Ajay Pal Singh , and so the goons , enter hospital firing all over.

Action-Drama begins and head of goons , Captain Saju Solanki, aka Chandan Roy Sanyal controls the hospital . All the staff and patients are being kidnapped. And the demand is to escape with Ajay Singh , and fly away .

Fortunately , Vidhut Jamval aka Vivvan is already in the hospital , were his

wife had gone through surgery. As a MMA trainer , he makes up mind to fight with the goons , and free the staff and patients.

The action director Andy Long Nguyen has to be given credit for the actions. This 117-minutes drama, written by Ashish P. Verma clearly dispalys the effort taken to develop the film.

Rukmini Maitra as Anshika and Neha Dhupia as inspector Jayati Bhargav, have a limited role to play. But they played their part well.

The basic plotline is : Hero will beat the goons , rescue the hostages , his wife and all can be safe.

If you are a Vidhut Jamval fan , this action-packed movie is for you.

With IDMB rating of 7.5/10 this movie is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar .

Here is the Trailer link :


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