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8 AM Metro- Poems and Metro

Short Analysis: This story revolves around two characters Irawati and Pritam, they meet in a metro and share their daily life and some memorable moments. This movie describes relations, their importance, life, obstacles, and most important METRO.


  • Saiyam Kher- Irawati

  • Gulshan Devaiah- Pritam

  • Nimisha Nayar - Riya

  • Kalpika Ganesh- Mrudual

  • Umesh Kamat- Umesh


Irawati and Pritam meet in the metro and start sharing daily life and a friendship bond, which satisfies both. The fears and tears, get neutralised as they begin discussing their personal life and also get involved in tackling situations to meet at different places. This story starts after Irawati visits her sister in hospital in Hyderabad, and when METRO travelling was the only option.

It is based on Malladi Venkata Krishna Murthy's book "Andamania Jeevitam"

Exact Review:

Sometimes, it is not materialistic things which we get connected with. They are people. Bonds, Friendships, unknown relations where we just share smiles and shakehands in public places right from Chai Ki Tapri to a Breakfast Hotel. These smiles and handshakes do create a bond which is shown in this movie, with a base of poems. Both our characters are fond of books and writing, where they express themselves in poems and deal with the world and obstacles in different ways.

It is to understand that life doesn't give us a second chance easily. If you have it, use it wisely. And explore the world with a positive approach. Such philosophical things are creatively shown in the movie. Irawati and Pritam get their comforts while they are together and no sign of stress and tensions are present on their face. As the metro stops at stations, life too takes a break to make a jump at a larger vision, which benefits us in many ways. The characters give us a feel of people which we meet on a daily basis in our personal and professional life.

Coming towards our film, as Irawati faces panic attacks in the metro, both meet at the length of the eye and subsequently go on many journeys to explore Hyderabad.

Special Attractions:

The movie consists of six poems written by Gulzar. So they just entertain us in a poetic manner.

Supporting Characters:

Umesh Kamat as Umesh, Kalpika Ganesh as Mrudual and Nimisha Nayar as Riya too add an important aspect to the film, by developing the screenplay as it is now. Especially the character of Riya is the connecting dot between Irawati and Pritam, and what it is, that audience can get the idea after watching the film.

Technical Aspects:

The movie is written and directed by Raj R. As the important roles continue, we see Anil Aalayam as Editor, Sunny Kurrapati as Cinematographer, Mark K Robbin as Music Director, and most importantly Produced by Raj R. and Kishor Ganji under the banner of Studio 99. While the responsibility of Distribution is taken by Platoon Distribution.


We see a small yet important twist in the last 15 minutes of the movie, which turns things for both and also takes the film to an upper level.

Overall, a film to watch for emotions, care, love, understanding and METRO.

It is rated 8.2/10 on IMDb.

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