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"12-Year-Old Prodigy Unveils Robotic Pet Revolution: A Beacon of Hope in a World Plagued by Pet-Related Perils"

In a groundbreaking moment that contrasts the tragic incident involving a Swiggy delivery boy and a pet dog, young Netra Singh of St Peter’s High School, Bowenpally, has emerged as a beacon of innovation with her creation—The Robotic Pet. As Chief Minister Revanth Reddy hands over a cheque in the aftermath of a chilling incident, Netra Singh presents a visionary solution to the rising challenges posed by real pets.

In a riveting TED-like talk, aptly named 'Stars of Inspiration—an Evening under the Open Sky,' Netra introduced her revolutionary Robotic Pet to a captivated audience of 1000 plus, including parents, teachers, and peers. Her ingenuity addresses the escalating concerns related to pet-related accidents, loneliness, and the increasing costs of maintaining pets in a post-COVID world.

"Robotic pets can cure loneliness and provide essential mental support," declares Netra, igniting applause and appreciation for her unconventional perspective. Her principal, Dr K Suvaran, expressed excitement about Netra's idea, considering it a promising creation that warrants exploration, even in its nascent stage of development.

Against the backdrop of a burgeoning pet population in the country, predicted to reach 45 million in the next five years, Netra's Robotic Pet stands out as a potential game-changer. In her own words, "Every year, 600,000 pets are adopted in India, making my invention a promising creation."

The TED-like talks extended beyond Netra's presentation, showcasing over 50 students pouring out innovative ideas, thoughts, and perspectives. St Peter’s High School, known for its forward-thinking approach, introduced these TED-like short talks to equip students with concise yet impactful communication skills in an era dominated by short-form content.

Highlighting the school's commitment to fostering innovation, three student teams—Varenya, Pritam, and Samuel—presented a Fire and Gas Leakage Fichter Robot, selected for the CBSE Regional Science Exhibition and set to participate in the National Exhibition in January 2024 in New Delhi. Out of 3169 student teams, St Peter's team is among the elite 30 exhibits chosen.

In a world inundated with short messages and fleeting attention spans, St Peter’s High School continues to stand out with its TED-like talks—an avenue for sharing ideas that truly matter. As the school approaches its Silver Jubilee year, marked by a humble beginning in 1979, the unveiling of the Silver Jubilee logo is a testament to its enduring commitment to excellence and innovation.

The journey that began 24 years ago is poised to enter a new era of inspiration, with the young minds at St Peter’s leading the charge into a future defined by groundbreaking ideas and transformative creations.


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