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अनन्या - शक्य आहे , तुम्ही जे ठरवाल ते सगळं शक्य आहे

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Here we are again. Thank you all for supporting me along this blog journey. Reading various blogs, and articles. With all your blessings and good wishes, recently I have completed 100 blogs on my website.

Today is a very special day, as I have resumed writing about the films I watch. Today's film is very motivational.

अनन्या - शक्य आहे , तुम्ही जे ठरवाल ते सगळं शक्य आहे

Well, this is a movie, to be watched by every age group. This movie has a background of a One-Act play, then a drama, and now the movie. Talking about the movie, it is one of the best works of Actress Hruta Durgule. She is fabulous in her work.

It is quite a simple story with no heavy pressure of screenplay. Easy to understand, but not easy to act. It has many efforts from the physical and mental views.

Ananya is an ambitious girl, who wants to be CA, but she met an accident and things turn up for her, in many ways. There are a lot of emotions and moments where we feel some motivation and energy inside us while watching some scenes. Like the scene, where Hruta tries to fold the blanket with her legs, and another one where she gets ready by combing hair with a comb holding in her leg.

Suvrat Joshi, an actor to be watched, in this film. His role is very crucial and a good twist makes that role more familiar to us. You have to watch the film, to know the exact meaning of my line here.

Chetan Chitnis's role, makes us go into a romantic stage of our life too. He is an obvious character, with a graph of high and low. He happens to be Ananya's boyfriend, but things change for him, after her accident.

Renuka Daftardar gives power to her role by helping Ananya get out of the traumatic environment around her, and by helping Ananya gain her confidence after the accident.

We have seen her in many episodes of BHADIPA, and also in some movies.

Rucha Apte, as hruta's friend, defines friendship in many ways. She has played a role, whom we look in our every friend, who supports cares, scolds us, cries for us, and also makes a feel proud too.

Talking about Yogesh Soman, he is damm versatile actor. His every film is to be watched for.

Whether it be the role of Ex. Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar in URI - The Surgical Strike, or it may be Inspector Vinayak Sawant in Drishyam, always gives the best of his character, and the same is here. He has an excellently carried role of a strong father, who always supports her daughter after she met an accident, he gets disappointed, which somewhat affects Ananya as well as the home environment.

Then comes the motivation from inside and things take a turn positively, and Ananya is a strong-headed girl now compared to before the accident. She completes her CA and finds the correct path to lead her file bravely.

The Writer and Director Pratap Phad, with the association of Ravi Jadhav Films, and Dreamweaver Entertainment ( Dhruv Das) have put a great film to watch for us

We can say, very few films make you happy for time being, but this movie will make you happy and motivated from inside many times when we are disturbed or disappointed.

Do watch it in theatres near and far away from you. It is rated 9/10 on IMDb.

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